Hello world!

I am Francesco Castagnotto,
Embedded Linux Engineer, BSP and middleware developer, Yocto enthusiast.

I took my Master's Degree on Computer Engineering - Embedded Sector
at Polytechnic University of Turin
, focused on mycroprocessor systems
and I worked in the automotive and in the building automation industry.
I'm enthusiast about embedded Linux systems, Yocto, Linux distros,
open source technologies and all the innovative ideas that bring new ways
to see the world.

I'm skilled in:
*C, C++[development of embedded software]
*Linux kernel[build and configuration]
*Linux drivers[debug and patches]
*device tree, u-boot[build and configuration]
*middleware[integration and development]
*SysVinit, Systemd[development on system services]
*SVN, GIT, Github, Gitlab[software versioning]
*Python, sql, php[for the high-level interactions]
*ARM, ARMhf, i386[development, compilation and deployment]
*Agile, Scrum, Jira, Confluence, Gitlab, Trello[team and code management]
*SoC, SoM, carriers, peripherals, PCBs, schematics, iMX53, iMX6, OMAP, SunXi[hardware components debug]

Following, my references and info:

email               fcastagnotto@linux.com
blog                 https://fcastagnotto.wordpress.com